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  • A son of the emperor of Austria.

    ‘The next year the death of the emperor Joseph brought the archduke Charles to the imperial throne.’
    • ‘Once at a cocktail do in one of the vast reception areas where archdukes had cavorted, he languidly asked me to fetch him a canapé.’
    • ‘It may not be a money-spinner - conventional hoteliers would balk at the thought of changing the flowers or turning paying guests away on a whim - but if archdukes are sleeping in your bedrooms and Sean Connery's in the bar, who cares?’
    • ‘I have learnt the correct forms of address for archdukes and archbishops.’
    • ‘He was commissioned by the archduke Rudolf to carry out fieldwork in Bosnia and Hercegovina, but his publications of South Slavic folklore were severely criticised by contemporary scholars.’
    • ‘In April 1701 an Austrian Habsburg army invaded Lombardy, bent on conquering Milan for the archduke Charles, Leopold's second son.’
    • ‘His sudden departure from the Chapel Royal was resented by James I, who caused him to be dismissed from the archduke's chapel.’
    • ‘If Philippe refused this offer - if France opted for the existing partition agreement - then the entire inheritance would automatically be offered to archduke Charles, second son of emperor Leopold.’



/ˈärCHˌd(y)o͞ok/ /ˈɑrtʃˌd(j)uk/


Early 16th century from Old French archeduc, from Merovingian Latin archidux, archiduc-, from archi- ‘chief’ + dux, duc- (see duke).