Definición de archidiaconal en inglés



  • Relating to an archdeacon.

    ‘The archidiaconal residence rises on an area tied since time immemorial to church activities.’
    • ‘The remainder of the diocesan and archidiaconal records are held at the Lincolnshire Archives, which is the Diocesan Record Office.’
    • ‘This last and eight of the archidiaconal acta survive as originals.’
    • ‘His lordship then presented them to his lady wife; the archdeacon first, with archidiaconal honours, and then the precentor with diminished parade.’
    • ‘There were also areas which were exempt from archidiaconal and episcopal jurisdiction, known as ‘peculiars’.’
    • ‘The impact of the secular clergy was reinforced by the presence of the archidiaconal court and the representatives or officials of the largely absentee archdeacons.’
    • ‘He recognized the need for decentralized administration in the dual-titled diocese and was instrumental in gaining the approval of the diocesan synod in 1884 for two archidiaconal councils, a step towards the establishment of a separate coastal diocese thirty years later.’
    • ‘The important segment of the archbishopric archives are archidiaconal reports about religious, economical, political and moral circumstances in individual parishes from 1615 till our days.’
    • ‘It is puzzling that when the archdeacon of Stafford, George Hodson, reported on the Rushton chapel in 1830 during the course of his archidiaconal visitation, he noted the west gallery but not the singers.’



/ˌärkəˌdīˈakən(ə)l/ /ˌɑrkəˌdaɪˈækən(ə)l/


Late Middle English from medieval Latin archidiaconalis, from archi- ‘chief’ + diaconalis (see diaconal).