Definition of archiepiscopacy in English:


Pronunciation /-əˈpiskəpəsē/

nounplural noun archiepiscopacies

See archiepiscopal

‘He founded the archiepiscopacy of Esztergom.’
  • ‘Shkodra was the seat of the Catholic archiepiscopacy and had a number of religious schools.’
  • ‘Yet, Oblate status within the Baltimore religious community improved significantly with the succession of Francis Patrick Kenrick to the archiepiscopacy of Baltimore in 1851.’
  • ‘Eger was given archiepiscopacy in 1804, and János Pyrker, the bishop of Eger, ordered the designs of the building from the architect József Hild.’
  • ‘In AD 816, during his archiepiscopacy, the Council of Chelsea enacted eleven canons to regulate the services and the government of the Church.’