Definition of archiepiscopal in English:



  • Relating to an archbishop.

    ‘Then there is his decision not to live in the archiepiscopal residence but in the simpler rectory near the cathedral.’
    • ‘Younger auxiliary bishops are being appointed directly to archiepiscopal sees.’
    • ‘And the Church, meanwhile, divided up the kingdom in its own way, into 18 archiepiscopal provinces and 136 dioceses.’
    • ‘Until the Reformation the hierarchy of courts, with appeals to the one above, was archdeacons' courts, bishops' courts, archiepiscopal courts, and the papal court.’
    • ‘Archbishop Jaenberht was outraged when Offa raised Lichfield to an archiepiscopal see, and the scheme was abandoned after the king's death on the grounds that it had been prompted by enmity towards the people of Kent.’
    • ‘The previous Archbishop, Anselm's old master Lanfranc, had died four years earlier, but the King, William Rufus, had left the see vacant in order to plunder the archiepiscopal revenues.’
    • ‘A century before Mozart, the virtuoso violinist and composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber was appointed to the music staff of the archiepiscopal court of Salzburg.’
    • ‘The ship arrived brandishing his archiepiscopal cross defiantly at the prow.’



/ˌärkēəˈpiskəpəl/ /ˌɑrkiəˈpɪskəpəl/


Early 17th century via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek arkhiepiskopos ‘archbishop’ (from arkhi- ‘chief’ + episkopos ‘bishop’) + -al.