Definition of archiepiscopate in English:



See archiepiscopal

‘His archiepiscopate was filled with quarrels with his cathedral clergy and, from 1207, with King John.’
  • ‘The most notable visual effect of Laud's archiepiscopate was the removal of the communion tables from the body of the church to the east end, where they were placed on a dais and railed off.’
  • ‘Nothelm consecrated three bishops during his archiepiscopate and agreed to the division of the Mercian diocese.’
  • ‘In December 1882, he was elevated to the archiepiscopate of Canterbury.’
  • ‘The motto ‘Be Not Afraid’ has been chosen by the Archbishop as the personal motif of his archiepiscopate.’



/ˌärkēəˈpiskəpət/ /ˌɑrkiəˈpɪskəpət/