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  • Relating to or invented by the mathematician Archimedes.

    ‘an Archimedean globe’
    • ‘About 1,200 years ago a scribe wrote onto parchment seven Archimedean treatises, including two found nowhere else.’
    • ‘Estimated volumes are then compared with the volumes obtained by the Archimedean principle.’
    • ‘Several numerically calculated trajectories are illustrated, and base Archimedean spirals are compared with analytically obtained results.’
    • ‘The Archimedean screw turns as falling water from the top of the dam flows through it, activating a turbine and generating power.’
    • ‘He added that the Archimedean turbine did not harm wildlife, describing it as "fish neutral" rather than "fish friendly"’
    • ‘Galileo affirmed the Archimedean ideal of deductive systematization.’
    • ‘Descartes's vision of science thus combined the Archimedean, the Pythagorean, and the atomist points of view.’
    • ‘His discovery of lost Archimedean works made front page news on July 16th, 1907.’



/ˌärkəˈmēdēən/ /ˌɑrkəˈmidiən/