Definition of Archimedes' principle in English:

Archimedes' principle


  • A result stating that a body totally or partially immersed in a fluid is subject to an upward force equal in magnitude to the weight of fluid it displaces.

    ‘Angeli examined fluid statics based on Archimedes' principle and Torricelli's experiments.’
    • ‘Why an object floats can be understood from Archimedes' principle as a special situation where the weight of water displaced by the object equals the weight of the object.’
    • ‘The needed flash of insight that came to him as he climbed into an overflowing bathtub-his body was displacing an equal volume of water-not only solved his problem but led to Archimedes' principle.’
    • ‘Right femurs and fourth lumbar vertebrae were analyzed for bone mineral density utilizing Archimedes' principle.’
    • ‘At the end of the treatment period, the bone volume and density of the femurs were measured by Archimedes' principle.’