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  • 1Relating to the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

    ‘an architectural firm’
    • ‘The first architectural response was to slice an open stair volume through eleven existing floors.’
    • ‘The council expected the four competing architectural firms to provide energy-conscious designs, suitable for the hot, arid regional climate.’
    • ‘This requires attention to the finest shades in the craft of architectural design.’
    • ‘Expressions of interest in these design tasks were called from the architectural profession.’
    • ‘A number of architectural projects were undertaken to provide facilities for the games, some of which remain icons in Perth's suburban landscape.’
    • ‘Our readers can speculate about why a particular jury considered these projects to be the best of the year's architectural output.’
    • ‘They engage in land planning and architectural design that do not commit the developer but present options on which to base financial projections.’
    • ‘NATO announced the results of an international architectural design competition for a new headquarters.’
    • ‘There's no longer any question that large architectural projects call for sophisticated computer-aided design systems for their execution.’
    • ‘Joe used architectural software on his computer to alter the basic design.’
    1. 1.1Relating to or constituting buildings.
      ‘Wootton Bassett has retained much of its architectural heritage’
      • ‘The humble gas station is undergoing something of an architectural renaissance.’
      • ‘The long front wall of the museum building in effect forms a city wall to reinforce the older architectural marking of the place.’
      • ‘Architectural aesthetics are rendered irrelevant by the ceremonial excess.’
      • ‘They must now decide if they will go on to form an indelible part of the country's collective architectural consciousness.’
      • ‘It diminishes the usefulness of the book in providing a de facto architectural history of the city.’
      • ‘It is a compact and comprehensive guide to the city's architectural development.’
      • ‘The Petronas Towers in are among the architectural wonders of the world.’
      • ‘The geometric pattern is found throughout the country in screens, architectural ornament, and decorative arts.’
      • ‘One of the towers' most significant architectural characteristics is Eastern in nature: the space between them.’
      • ‘The owners wanted a modernization that would preserve the family memories and architectural details embodied in the original construction.’
    2. 1.2Bearing a resemblance to buildings.
      • ‘he liked architectural plants, particularly large spiky palms’



/ärkiˈtekCHərəl/ /ɑrkɪˈtɛktʃərəl/