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  • 1(in classical architecture) a main beam resting across the tops of columns, specifically the lower third entablature.

    ‘While many may think of the classical tradition of Greek culture, such as that articulated in the columns and architraves of the Parthenon, Calatrava also drew from a later Greek tradition: the Byzantine.’
    • ‘When elements such as columns, capitals, architraves and lintels reveal clear Greek, Roman and Byzantine influences, it is often because they were simply usurped from earlier buildings on this or other nearby sites.’
    • ‘Another said, ‘It is far from a good design - the elevation shows columns, architraves, a pediment as though it were a stone building in the Grecian style - instead being but wood.’’
    • ‘Following in the footsteps of Inigo Jones, he developed the new classical style with its emphasis on columns, architraves and domes.’
    • ‘It bears all the hallmarks of a Post-Modernist interpretation of a historical facade, with architraves and lintels in cast aluminium.’
    • ‘The temple is rendered in the abbreviated form, usual in vase paintings, consisting of a Doric column and architrave.’
    • ‘The pillars join the architrave directly, eliminating the need for an additional tie beam, known as the pupai tie beam, a feature that became common in Chinese wooden halls in the tenth century.’
    • ‘At an indefinite height overhead something made the sky blacker, which had the semblance of a vast architrave uniting the pillars horizontally…’
    • ‘Therefore, the architrave could not have extended to and rested properly upon such a wall (the stoas GD 3, 98, and 100 are flanked by long or short walls that were aligned with the columns).’
    • ‘The house retains many original features, including the mosaic floor in the reception, and there is art-deco detailing everywhere - in architraves, panelling and banisters.’
    • ‘Words like courage, sacrifice and duty are chiseled on the architraves of granite pavilions.’
    • ‘Thomas Lynch has tamed the Beaumont's vastness with a central platform - a stage upon a stage - overhung by a free-floating architrave on which sun and moon, fireworks, and a distant beacon flourish under Peter Kaczorowski's lights.’
    • ‘Joined to an architrave at the column tops are four-tiered bracket sets; less complicated brackets are positioned between them on the architrave.’
    • ‘The architrave includes a Greek key design and other symbols, and the side archivolts are decorated with acanthus leaves.’
    • ‘We follow Leake in believing that the architrave is too small to have formed part of a temple, including the one on Temple Hill.’
    • ‘The same grey limestone paves a forecourt which is set with benches and some of the more architectural exhibits like Guardi's stone architrave.’
  • 2The molded frame around a doorway or window.

    ‘He gave the monumental facades along K Street and 15th Street elaborately detailed copper window architraves, stringcourses, cornices, and escutcheons.’
    • ‘Behind this is a gracious entrance hallway with a high ceiling and many original features, including decorative ceiling cornices, architraves and a dado rail.’
    • ‘The Doric architrave framing the door and the carved cornice are both wood.’
    • ‘The floor area inside the entry was lowered to match the exterior grade and new tooled-limestone surrounds extended the doorway architrave.’
    • ‘It features pine floors, an architrave window, a picture rail and a cast iron fireplace.’
    • ‘Particularly notable is the use of timber in many areas of the spa - wooden architraves frame the first floor restaurant, cocktail bar and lounge areas.’
    • ‘With the funding provided by the Office of Public Works, all wooden fittings, windows, doors, architraves and stairs have been restored to match the originals.’
    • ‘In the architrave by the doorway was a nest of a pair of blue-tits.’
    • ‘With an original oak floor, this area also features a carved oak ceiling rose, pediments, cornices and architraves.’
    • ‘After crude conversions, little remained of the building's original interior, except for some door architraves, cornices and a graceful staircase, brutally divided from the main space by a fireproof partition.’
    • ‘Several Greco-Roman elements and influences are apparent in the building: architrave and pediment windows, key-stoned arches, balustrade ledges, beautiful consoles, Greek cornices, Tuscan columns, and wooden floors.’
    • ‘The property was built about five years ago and has hardwood double-glazed windows, solid pine doors and architraves.’
    • ‘The third floor has two friezes, one at balcony level below the window and one incorporated in the architrave above it.’
    • ‘This two bedroom duplex apartment has a private entrance hall and retains original Victorian features including high ceilings, decorative architraves and period fireplaces.’
    • ‘A moulding of whatever sort or architrave of new design about a door or window could be exciting and attractive.’
    • ‘I ripped the architrave from around the door and ripped open the door.’
    • ‘Not in a position to discard anything, the settlers gathered them up and made iron lace architraves which surround the houses and balconies today giving Melbourne something unique in its facade.’
    • ‘The business currently has a selection of Hume and chipboard doors in stock with mouldings and architraves for a decorative finish.’
    1. 2.1A molding around the exterior of an arch.
      • ‘The architrave of a perfect Renaissance arch has rotted to the texture of old peach stone.’



/ˈärkəˌtrāv/ /ˈɑrkəˌtreɪv/


Mid 16th century from French, from Italian, from archi- ‘chief’ + -trave from Latin trabs, trab- ‘a beam’.