Definition of archonship in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌSHip/


See archon

‘In addition, anyone convicted of dishonouring his parents could be struck off the citizen-lists and was considered automatically disqualified from an archonship, or from the right to address the people.’
  • ‘This took place in the archonship of Hegesias, five years after the first establishment of his rule.’
  • ‘After the war, Aristides was instrumental in making the archonships open to all male citizens.’
  • ‘Epicurus died in the second year of the 127th Olympiad, in the archonship of Pytharatus, at the age of 72.’
  • ‘His popular support and his membership to the council of the Areopagus, following his archonship in 525, probably gave Cleisthenes the authority to begin to install the democratic system.’