Definition of archosaur in English:



(also archosaurus)
  • A vertebrate of a large group that includes reptiles such as the dinosaurs and pterosaurs and is represented today by the birds and crocodilians.

    Subdivision Archosauria, subclass Diapsida

    ‘Other archosaurs included the pterosaurs, relatives of dinosaurs but not true dinosaurs.’
    • ‘At the same time, the broad, dry plains of equatorial Pangea provided a proving ground for a strange new group of lightweight, but large-bodied, archosaurs - the dinosaurs.’
    • ‘The archosaur skull includes two new fenestra (skull openings).’
    • ‘The name ‘bird crocodile’ seems to nicely describe all the great archosaurs of Mesozoic, combining as they did features of both crocodiles and birds.’
    • ‘Tyrannosaurs are surprisingly common in many North American fossil beds, especially their large, serrated teeth which they shed periodically like most archosaurs.’



/ˈärkəˌsôr/ /ˈɑrkəˌsɔr/


1930s from modern Latin Archosauria, from Greek arkhos ‘chief’ or arkhōn ‘ruler’+ -saur.