Definition of archosaurian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌärkəˈsôrēən/



See archosaur

‘The hot dry Pangean deserts of the Triassic would witness the competition between the synapsid proto-mammals that had dominated the land uptil now, and the newly emerged archosaurian reptiles (thecodonts).’
  • ‘It is interesting that as the archosaurian reptiles were becoming larger, the cynodonts became smaller, perhaps nocturnal.’
  • ‘The first vertebrates to evolve true flight were the pterosaurs, flying archosaurian reptiles.’
  • ‘Ceratosaurians also had strongly curved S-shaped necks like birds do; this is a trait inherited from a distant archosaurian ancestor.’
  • ‘However, as Bock recently cautioned, ‘it is best to consider birds as part of the great archosaurian radiation without being more specific, as has been agreed by zoologists for more than a century.’’