Definition of arcus senilis in English:

arcus senilis


  • A narrow opaque band encircling the cornea, common in old age.

    ‘My arcus senilis of two years' duration disappeared completely after 18 months of atorvastatin (taken for a moderately raised serum cholesterol concentration).’
    • ‘It appears more often in older adults (arcus senilis).’
    • ‘A study of arcus senilis in Caucasian men and women is reported.’
    • ‘The prevalence of arcus senilis increases with age in both sexes and occurs more frequently in men.’
    • ‘In women arcus senilis is uncommon before the menopause.’


arcus senilis

/ˌärkəs səˈnīlis/ /ˌɑrkəs səˈnaɪlɪs/


Latin, literally ‘senile bow’.