Definition of area rug in English:

area rug


  • A rug that covers only a part of a floor in a room.

    ‘There's no sense in getting an area rug to cover it all up, though.’
    • ‘His mom laughed softly, sitting next to her son on the area rug that covered part of the smooth stone floor.’
    • ‘Treat your feet and soften cold, hard kitchen floors with a stylish area rug.’
    • ‘The hand-knotted wool area rug in this great room highlights the bold design of New Wave, the most dominant collection of the Momeni line.’
    • ‘The floor was covered by a burgundy brocade area rug.’
    • ‘A large sisal area rug eliminates pattern at the floor level.’
    • ‘An oval braided-rag area rug (that looked like it might be salvageable) covered much of the floor.’
    • ‘She stopped, then slowly walked over to stand in the middle of the large, round room, looking down at the threadbare area rug.’
    • ‘The area rug in the rear outdoor living room is actually brick inlay.’
    • ‘I painted the red tile floor taupe, and topped it with a sisal area rug.’
    • ‘There was an area rug in the middle of the wooden floor of the barn.’
    • ‘He's moved the couch and coffee table, and he's got the edge of the area rug, and he's pulling on it.’
    • ‘I plan to set up a folding table and buy an inexpensive office chair and an area rug to cozy it up.’
    • ‘Can I put a natural/woven area rug on gray carpet?’
    • ‘If you are placing an area rug on top of a wall-to-wall carpet, don't make the mistake of thinking you can get away with something smaller just because you have so much carpet.’
    • ‘The look of this room can be changed just by adding throw pillows and an area rug; the color and style you choose for the accessories will then dictate the look of the whole room.’
    • ‘The bentwood chair and area rug are focal points.’
    • ‘A green rocking chair here, a plaid sofa, an orange area rug, Japanese watercolors on the wall, it was really rather disorienting.’
    • ‘I still need to fix up the apartment a bit - new curtains, a plant or two, maybe an area rug, a stand for my stereo, some new living room furniture.’
    • ‘Add the coordinating bed skirt, throw pillows, drapes, and maybe even a coordinating area rug to complete the look.’