Definition of areca nut in English:

areca nut


  • The astringent seed of an areca palm (Areca catechu), which is often chewed with betel leaves.

    Also called betel nut

    ‘I gave them each a coin with a ripe areca nut placed in a betel leaf.’
    • ‘The high-risk in the Indian subcontinent is related to the high prevalence of pan-tobacco (a combination of betel leaf, lime, areca nut and sun cured tobacco) chewing in the population.’
    • ‘People in the more accessible Central Mekeo rapidly found themselves in the enviable position of being the sole providers of large quantities of high quality betel pepper and areca nut.’
    • ‘The nut, which may also be called areca nut, contains a stimulating alkaloid and tannins which give it a pleasantly astringent taste.’
    • ‘Betel leaves, areca nuts, and fruits are distributed to wedding guests and observers.’


areca nut

/əˈrēkə/ /əˈrikə/ /ˈerəkə nət/ /ˈɛrəkə nət/