Definition of areologist in English:


noun & adjective

See areology

‘Scientifically, the book is extremely sound, depicting the planet as realistic as an areologist might hope for.’
  • ‘I think quite frankly that a lot of areologists would agree with this vision of Mars.’
  • ‘Even so, they look very unlike many of the geological formations found on Mars, although I am not enough of a geologist (or is the correct term areologist?) to know for certain.’
  • ‘It is also my conclusion that despite the objective opinions of many planetary geologists, which group includes lunar selenologists and Martian areologists, some of the anomalous objects as seen in the planetary images seem indicative of intelligent design and construction.’
  • ‘I can only imagine how excited the geologists (areologists?) are - having all the instruments on the rover means that, unlike on previous Mars missions, they can study more than just the landing site.’