Definition of arepa in English:



  • A corn pancake, sweetened or unsweetened, eaten in Venezuela and Colombia.

    ‘If you're intrigued by Latin cuisine - from arepas, a corn flour pancake and cheese combination popular in Venezuela and Colombia, to Brazil's soft cheese bread paõ de queijo - Miami is your kind of town.’
    • ‘It is served with fried plantains, black beans, cornmeal pancakes called arepas, rice, and, sometimes, white cheese.’
    • ‘New immigrants have added to the on-the-go family, introducing Colombian arepas, Mexican tacos and Uzbek samsas.’
    • ‘They concur in the use of annatto, the enjoyment of capers and green coriander as flavourings, the universal employment of coconuts and bananas in cooking, as well as a reliance on the corn bread arepa.’
    • ‘Among the many foods enjoyed are arepas, which are small pancakes made from corn.’
    • ‘I had to try Venezuelan food so I stepped inside and asked the lady (Flor, I suppose) if she could pack me an arepa and a small salad, to go.’
    • ‘A common item, either served on its own or alongside other dishes, is the arepa, a sort of puffy cornmeal pancake.’
    • ‘So from the land of chacapas and arepas… Have a nice weekend!’
    • ‘He was cooking arepas for the girls in a little kitchen that a man had lent to him for a month.’
    • ‘After that we went to eat arepas, a type of snack which is very popular in Venezuela.’
    • ‘And vegetables that accompany the latter - sweet-corn arepa and bitter greens - are spotlight stealers.’
    • ‘Similar to arepas are empanadas (deep-fried pasties) and cachapas (a pancake/crepe-like dish), which are filled with cheese, ham, and/or bacon.’
    • ‘Game and fish were always sources of protein, and corn is eaten mainly in the form of thick cakes called arepas and maize gruel.’



/äˈrāpə/ /ɑˈreɪpə/