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usually as modifier
  • 1A pattern composed of diamonds of various colors on a plain background, used in knitted garments such as sweaters and socks.

    ‘the traditional argyle design associated with golf’
    • ‘From the mock-neck sweaters, crewnecks, cardigans, and sweater vests, argyle sweaters are further proof that it's cool to look like you're going to school.’
    • ‘Uriah Moss was so nervous as he walked to the President's room, dressed in a fresh white shirt and argyle sweater vest and jeans, hair done… the freshman thought of this on the same level as a date.’
    • ‘You can wear your new argyle sweater over a plaid or striped shirt - with or without a tie - and with your favorite pair of jeans, or even over your favorite turtleneck paired with flat-front pants for a dressier look.’
    • ‘With this season's clear preppy inspiration - from argyle sweaters to sweater vests - it's no surprise that backpacks are one of the coolest and most practical items to hit the streets.’
    • ‘He enters the room in an argyle sweater and jeans.’
    • ‘For example, if you're wearing a black suit with a red tie and black shoes, you can wear black socks that feature a subtle red argyle pattern or polka dots.’
    • ‘One pattern that looks great with an argyle top is pinstriped pants - again, just make sure the colors are in sync.’
    • ‘She wore an oversized military coat; a brightly-colored knit argyle skirt which featured an inappropriate slit; black tights; and black doc martens, untied, so that the tongues of the shoes bent over lazily.’
    • ‘So, daring to be different, I created something a little different with the argyle theme in the background, nothing special or really technical, but more of a personal touch.’
    • ‘It features a subtle red and gray argyle motif on the right sleeve.’
    • ‘They are full of flannel-lined blue jeans and rugby shirts and leather moccasins and argyle socks.’
    • ‘He was the golf captain and wore these ugly argyle socks.’
    • ‘Nebel is 49, with a bushy mustache, gray argyle socks, and rumpled black jeans.’
    • ‘She has a problem with people who don't have perfectly coifed hair and wear argyle socks.’
    • ‘I went back up to my room and pulled on a pair of gray and black argyle socks.’
    • ‘The one he'd opened had been a pair of blue argyle socks, which he'd asked for.’
    • ‘Jacqui promptly dragged me out, in nothing but a pair of argyle socks, and conferred with Rusco for a few minutes.’
    • ‘It's a lot better gift than giving out a Santa tie or argyle socks again.’
    • ‘It was his loud argyle socks that revealed the boyish sense of humour behind the staid visage.’
    • ‘There are occasional hits, such as hot-pink coats, cropped corduroys, and the retro argyle look.’
    1. 1.1A sock with an argyle pattern.
      ‘However, Mr. Style really likes yellow socks or argyles.’
      • ‘My mom dropped the knee-high argyles, and picked up some plain, gray ribbed socks.’
      • ‘The only socks I darned after I was an adult were some favorite argyles that were cherished by the owner.’
      • ‘I once joked in print that I'd like to be able to Google my sock drawer for the missing half of my favorite argyles.’



/ˈärˌɡīl/ /ˈɑrˌɡaɪl/


1940s from Argyll, a family name and a former county of Scotland. The pattern is based on the tartan of the Argyll branch of the Campbell clan.