Definition of Aristotle's lantern in English:

Aristotle's lantern


  • A conical structure of calcareous plates and muscles supporting the rasping teeth of a sea urchin.

    ‘Many have a group of hard plates which retract and grasp like teeth, commonly called Aristotle's lantern.’
    • ‘The mouth, in the peristomal membrane, contains a powerful chewing apparatus called the Aristotle's lantern.’
    • ‘Organisms in and on the sand grains are manipulated towards the mouth along the food grooves, and then exposed and/or macerated by the crushing action of the Aristotle's lantern.’
    • ‘The mouth of most echinoids is provided with five hard teeth arranged in a circlet, forming an apparatus known as Aristotle's lantern.’


Aristotle's lantern

/ˌˈerəsˈtätəlz ˌlan(t)ərn/ /ˌˈɛrəsˈtɑtəlz ˌlæn(t)ərn/