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  • A trial of strength in which two people sit opposite each other with one elbow resting on a table, clasp each other's hands, and try to force each other's arm down on to the table.

    ‘I beat him at arm-wrestling’
    • ‘the British arm-wrestling championships’
    • ‘The team was also delighted to learn that a future world arm-wrestling championship would be held in Manchester.’
    • ‘Even though the rugby suffered, there was something epic about it - like that marathon arm-wrestling encounter in Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea.’
    • ‘Girls grappled in arm-wrestling matches as others traded shy or swaggering kisses.’
    • ‘Strength, power and dignity - these are the holy trinity of arm-wrestling and the greatest of these is strength.’
    • ‘She wouldn't kill a fly, being all vegetarian and whatever, but I never beat her in a single match of arm-wrestling.’
    • ‘If you can beat me at arm-wrestling, then maybe you'll have a chance.’
    • ‘Why do you always let me beat you at arm-wrestling, and hug me like a wild bear?’
    • ‘A brother and sister arm-wrestling duo is proving a handful for opponents after walking away with a clutch of top titles.’
    • ‘O'Neill's New York FBI team was at the center of bureaucratic arm-wrestling over who would head the 1998 investigation into the embassy bombings in East Africa.’
    • ‘High arms, jersey-tugging and arm-wrestling have turned football into a shambles.’
    • ‘The delays in winning UN approval are likely to infuriate the hawks in Washington, although military planning for an invasion is steaming ahead even amid the diplomatic arm-wrestling.’
    • ‘Her graceful form, which bodybuilding audiences had not seen onstage since 1984, belied her arm-wrestling and powerlifting experiences.’
    • ‘The court may also decide the Constitutional rights at stake are too important to leave to military decision-making and political arm-wrestling.’
    • ‘This threat has been around for some time now, as we have variously reported, but the response to date has been limited to diplomatic silence as arm-wrestling continues behind the scenes.’
    • ‘There must be few people left who believe the outcome will be settled by arm-wrestling between twin researchers and their critics.’
    • ‘I can't win anything more than arm-wrestling against Seth, and Jake can't even do that.’
    • ‘So expect a lot of arm-wrestling between now and the end of negotiations.’
    • ‘At one point, Santiago fell into a daydream about an arm-wrestling match he'd had as a young man.’
    • ‘The loser of the arm-wrestling had to throw the winner's shoe over my cousins' house.’
    • ‘Grace stood up, grabbing her food; she made her way over to the gaggle of men that had gathered to watch the arm-wrestling.’



/ˈärmˌres(ə)liNG/ /ˈɑrmˌrɛs(ə)lɪŋ/