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arm candy


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  • A sexually attractive companion accompanying a person, especially a celebrity, at social events.

    • ‘he wasn't shy about showing off his latest arm candy’
    • ‘the athletes and their arm candy clustered around the bar’
    • ‘We all have our places in this cosmic drama, and Burt's involves being the leathery arm candy and ‘drink getter’ of Southwestern widows.’
    • ‘‘I did the Hollywood thing for a while,’ says the girl from the prairies of Alberta, Canada, picking out highlights like the time she went to the Vanity Fair party with Madonna, Cher and Joni Mitchell as her arm candy.’
    • ‘I go to a lot of meetings with men in the City, and they all talk about their arm candy, their secretary, their 30-year-old ‘babe’.’
    • ‘We fought all the time, I never saw you, and when I did see you, you dragged me out as your arm candy!’
    • ‘I'm nobody's arm candy, maybe if you're lucky enough you can be my arm candy.’
    • ‘My feet graced a pair of four-year-old hot pink flip-flops and my arm candy was a Gucci bag from the 80s that I bought from a vintage designer store somewhere on Melrose.’
    • ‘For years Jude has been dazzling us with his dashing English grace and movie presence and now he is the talk of Tinseltown as he walks the red carpet with his expensive arm candy.’
    • ‘Dressed in a pink Abercrombie t-shirt and short denim skirt, she was the perfect arm candy.’
    • ‘This is the man who married a high - flying, cultured, modern career woman and required her to be mute arm candy throughout his campaign, indicating a political leader way out of touch with modern British womanhood.’
    • ‘Such individuals make for both excellent kitchen accessories and arm candy.’
    • ‘It's the kind of place females are expected to be arm candy and males smoke big cigars.’
    • ‘In the post-9/11 landscape, our perfect Batman is apparently a suave, handsome playboy who relieves the tension of foiling the Byzantine plots of clandestine organizations by cavorting with bubbly arm candy.’
    • ‘Nicholas doesn't usually get in this early - he's a little later than midnight most nights, and he's usually got a piece of arm candy shooting him affectionate looks and simpering about how gorgeous he is.’
    • ‘And only you could carry around a fine piece of arm candy like that and be the jealous hit of the party!’
    • ‘You get put up on a pedestal cause you make great arm candy, but then when you act like a normal human being, they don't understand and dump you.’
    • ‘Despite being a Broadway success, M.J. is still nothing but arm candy.’
    • ‘I was able to have friendly conversations with women and earn the trust of men who think women are just stupid arm candy.’
    • ‘The woman are interchangeable and unimportant, more like arm candy than actual paramours.’