Definition of arm in arm in English:

arm in arm

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  • (of two or more people) with arms linked.

    ‘they walked arm in arm’
    • ‘Trace and I were linked arm in arm, waiting politely for some people to enter before we made our way out.’
    • ‘Eliza and Bernadette walked arm in arm into the two-story house they were residing in for the summer.’
    • ‘Seven decades on, they returned to the church to celebrate their platinum anniversary and once again walked down the aisle arm in arm.’
    • ‘They walked down the hall together arm in arm not aware of the secrets each was keeping from the other.’
    • ‘Here, they are all out under the arcades, walking slowly, often arm in arm.’
    • ‘One day Dominic and Jocelyn took a long walk around town together, arm in arm.’
    • ‘We left and walked arm in arm along a sunny, tree lined avenue peppered with designer stores.’
    • ‘We walked arm in arm away from the Evergreen together in the thinly snow covered ground.’
    • ‘We walked down together arm in arm and soon were laughing together in the old way.’
    • ‘Then she came across a picture of Sasha and him, arm in arm together, sitting beside a waterfall.’
    • ‘Walking through the grass were three women, arm in arm, singing out loud.’
    • ‘It was snowing again when Carol and I walked back to Unit Nine, arm in arm, and unlocked our familiar door.’
    • ‘Evening is beginning to fall and a young couple walks past me me, arm in arm.’
    • ‘It was just as well that the music stopped at that moment and the couple walked away, arm in arm, vanishing amidst the crowd.’
    • ‘Orunmila and Elegua turned and walked away arm in arm.’
    • ‘As they walked away, arm in arm, Egewe turned several times, ensuring that no one was following them.’
    • ‘A man and woman, likely husband and wife, elegantly dressed, walked arm in arm in the moonlight.’
    • ‘He turned to see his brother and Danielle walking up, arm in arm, both beaming in each other's company.’
    • ‘It is common for two grown men to greet by kissing each other on both cheeks, and for either men or women to walk down the street arm in arm.’
    • ‘Rain and Ryan walked arm in arm through the streets of the streets, watching the fading sunlight in the sky.’