Definition of armiger in English:



  • A person entitled to heraldic arms.

    ‘The toiling masses now seem to be composed mostly of noble armigers bearing double-barrelled names.’
    • ‘In 1989 there were only three armigers in the Clan, one of whom was an active claimant to the Chiefship.’
    • ‘This is in addition to any additional moneys armigers may have to pay for such protection.’
    • ‘Some armigers are reluctant to use their heraldry as they feel that to do so may seem somewhat pretentious.’
    • ‘The recipients are known as armigers, and may use the title Lord or Lady before their name.’
    • ‘I killed the elite armigers but I didn't get a journal update and can't complete the quest.’
    • ‘In such cases, the armiger to whom the supporters are being granted will be meticulous about the accuracy of the uniform concerned.’
    • ‘This private area of the forum is solely for the use of armigers, registered with the International Armorial Register.’



/ˈärməjər/ /ˈɑrmədʒər/


Mid 16th century Latin, literally ‘bearing arms’, from arma ‘arms’ + gerere ‘to bear’.