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(British armoured)
  • 1(of a military vehicle or ship) covered with a tough metal layer as a defense against attack.

    ‘armored vehicles’
    • ‘The armoured vehicle is protected against 14.5 mm heavy machine gun rounds and artillery splinters.’
    • ‘Witnesses said US troops riding in jeeps and armoured vehicles opened fire after children in the crowd started pelting them with shoes and stones.’
    • ‘The division's long columns of trucks and Humvee armoured vehicles avoided Iraqi army and paramilitary units as they pushed north on Thursday and Friday.’
    • ‘Soldiers in armoured vehicles and Humvees cordoned off the area.’
    • ‘Stormer 30 is a highly mobile armoured reconnaissance vehicle and light tank.’
    • ‘Boffins at Britain's Ministry of Defence have invented an electric ‘force field’ designed to protect armoured vehicles against anti-tank grenades.’
    • ‘However, a new generation of young officers embraced the idea of a fast moving war based on armoured vehicles supported by air power.’
    • ‘The armoured vehicles are heavily protected by grilles to prevent damage from missiles and petrol bombs.’
    • ‘It is a tracked, armoured, amphibious vehicle designed to engage armoured ground and air targets while stationary, on the move and afloat.’
    • ‘In-line transmission is by four central axles protected by armoured housings.’
    • ‘Military vehicles on display will include a Ferret an armoured scout car British and American jeeps and wartime motorbikes.’
    • ‘Some 24 ships, 23,000 military personnel, 400 armoured vehicles and a squadron of fighter-bombers are involved.’
    • ‘The Ozelot Weapon System is built on the Wiesel 2 small armoured tracked vehicle.’
    • ‘Corporal Jones was on an operational tour in East Timor and was travelling in the rear of an armoured vehicle at the time of the incident.’
    • ‘The drivetrain and steering linkages are protected within the armoured hull.’
    • ‘The Cavalry commander had the armoured cars with him and was later reinforced by 1,500 infantry soldiers who were sent forward in Ford cars.’
    • ‘The army sent in armoured troop carriers and artillery into Racak, Petroovo, Malopoljce and Renaja.’
    • ‘The powerful blast tore through the steel reinforced Warrior armoured fighting vehicle the troops were travelling in, blowing the wheels off on one side and forcing it into a ditch.’
    • ‘The soldier selects top attack mode to engage tanks and armoured vehicles in order to strike the least armoured area on the vehicle's roof.’
    armour-plated, steel-plated, ironclad, mailed
    1. 1.1(of troops) equipped with armored vehicles.
      ‘the 2nd Armored Division’
      • ‘During the maneuver of the heavy armored cavalry troop, applying combined arms to maximize battlespace is a difficult task at best.’
      • ‘The unit conducting this mission was a standard regimental armored cavalry troop of the early 1990s era.’
      • ‘Ironically, this included the 11C mortarmen assigned to armored cavalry troops.’
      • ‘There, military police operated effectively side by side with infantry and armored troops in peace-enforcing efforts.’
      • ‘Several armored cavalry regiments (brigade equivalents) could be kept as independent units.’
      • ‘The book tells of the real bond that existed between the tankers and the armored infantry, who supported each other in capturing town after town.’
      • ‘In the mid-1970s, I served in an armored cavalry regiment positioned in Germany's Fulda Gap.’
      • ‘Furthermore, he believed that in modern warfare there was no place for armored cavalry.’
      • ‘The SBCT's structure is basically regimental, closely resembling a separate armored brigade structure.’
      • ‘The armored corps conducted an internal review in 2001 which concluded that women were unable to physically keep up with men.’
      • ‘The Thunder Run was a technique first used in Vietnam by American armored cavalry units, although it was usually seen used outside of cities.’
      • ‘Europe is no longer threatened by the specter of armored legions racing toward the Fulda Gap.’
      • ‘The final phase of the red team-blue team exercise, called North Sword 2005, involves live tests of the firepower of tanks and armored infantry.’
      • ‘A reinforced Indian armored corps is moving into eastern Kashmir.’
      • ‘The U.S. army already has two armored brigades operating in Kuwait.’
      • ‘The official reason is to enable the armored troops to function as highly mobile infantry.’
      • ‘A dexterous American teenager would have dispatched the entire armored corps of a third-world country in the time that it took me to claim my two victims.’
      • ‘The Swiss Eagle vehicles designated are mainly deployed as reconnaissance vehicles for the armoured brigades of the Swiss Army.’
      • ‘The new larger regiment is aimed at being more flexible with one overarching body of troops covering air assault, armoured infantry and light infantry.’
      • ‘Israel would then deploy around 30,000 paratroopers, infantry and armoured brigades.’
    2. 1.2(of some animals and plants) having a protective layer or shell.
      ‘armored fish’
      • ‘Most mollusks have such tissue, but in this armored species, the gland is about 100 times the size of that found in related species.’
      • ‘Halkieriids were sluglike metazoans armored with a coat of mineralized sclerites and two prominent shells at either end.’
      • ‘For as long as they were there, no crocodile or armored herbivorous or general carnivorous dinosaur could grow very big.’
      • ‘The scales are covered with ganoin, a dense shiny substance like enamel, which gives the fish an archaic armoured appearance and makes it rather clumsy.’
      • ‘And while jawless vertebrates were present in the Cambrian, it was not until the Ordovician that armored fish became common enough to leave a rich fossil record.’
      • ‘The extinct armored fishes known as placoderms make up what is considered to be the earliest branch of the gnathostome family tree - the earliest branch of the jawed fishes.’
      • ‘Remains of ostraderms (jawless, armored fish) from Ordovician rocks comprise some of the oldest vertebrate fossils.’
      • ‘Benthic armored fish are common by the Early Devonian.’
      • ‘The heavily armored fish from the Devonian became extinct, being replaced with fish fauna that look more modern.’
      • ‘The Galeaspida are a strange group of armored fishes possessing a massive, flattened, one-piece bony shield.’
      • ‘The aetosaurs, or Stagonolepididae, were large herbivorous armoured archosaurs, and an important characteristic part of Late Triassic faunas.’
      • ‘Instead it relies on a heavily armored exoskeleton and spines that effectively increase its size many times over.’
      • ‘During the Late Permian they evolved huge, heavily armored herbivores, the pareiasaurs.’
      • ‘With its armoured shell, thick leathery skin and slow movement, the turtle is one of the most easily recognized creatures on earth.’
      • ‘Crabs are nocturnal and cautious with an armoured shell and soft, fleshy insides.’
      • ‘The other family with extraordinary bacteriomes is Diaspididae, the armored scale insects.’
      • ‘Although the head and thorax were usually armored with dermal bone, the rest of the body was quite vulnerable, covered with small bony scales or lacking even that.’
      • ‘These include a few armoured fishes and a unique, whole-bodied ‘shark’ found at Grahamstown.’
      • ‘Thyreophora includes the various armored dinosaurs, like Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus.’
      • ‘Some of the species that terror birds may have preyed on were heavily armored.’
    3. 1.3 historical (of a soldier) wearing armor.
      ‘armored and mounted knights’
      • ‘The musket also ended the dominance of the armored knights on horseback.’
      • ‘The armored swordsman didn't turn around but responded in turn.’
      • ‘Seven armored soldiers lay dead on the grass, and an eighth was stuck against the wall he just hit.’
      • ‘The armored soldiers, bearing their large broadswords, axes and spears, flooded into the cave, making the only exit closed from escape.’
      • ‘The gold armored soldiers were supposed to be the elite of the Saturian armed forces, with equipment and weapons parallel to that of the Alliance Marines.’
      • ‘The circle of human soldiers parted ahead, and a tall gold-haired human in a dark blue uniform walked through with another armored soldier at his side.’
      • ‘A black armored soldier peered down at the two unmoving bodies.’
      • ‘Attention turned as the front door of the main castle burst open and armored soldiers came rushing down the steps with weapons at the ready.’
      • ‘Con Rafale and the armored soldiers of Valkyrie Unit readied their weapons’
      • ‘A wall of what seemed to be heavily armored soldiers came from behind the hill and stopped just beside Drenick and Demitri.’
      • ‘A figure stood out in the distance fighting several armored soldiers at once and amazingly he was holding his own.’
      • ‘A few moments passed by and all she did was simply stare at the armored soldier.’
      • ‘Gareth was jostled so violently that he was knocked to the ground by a fully armored knight who had just been snapped aside by Lancelot.’
      • ‘And the warhorses carried heavily armored knights for the armed forces of Europe.’
      • ‘I have witnessed first hand the impact of an armored knight and horse, colliding with a standing squire.’



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