Definition of armored car in English:

armored car


(British armoured car)
  • 1A light military vehicle covered with armor plate.

    ‘we were taken in an armored car to a temporary army camp’
    • ‘His riflemen would be reinforced by two armoured cars armed with machine-guns.’
    • ‘The comparatively poor cross-country performance of armoured cars has always limited their usefulness.’
    • ‘Without the European military patrolling in their box-like armoured cars, 'anything not nailed down would go', they say.’
    • ‘Armoured cars led truckloads of troops to attack the presidential palace in the centre of the city.’
    • ‘Tanks and armoured cars patrolled the streets as night fell on Saturday.’
    • ‘British troops and armoured cars then surrounded the royal palace.’
    • ‘Soldiers and armoured cars waited in streets adjacent to the three-story school, where nearly 900 children aged seven to 17 studied.’
    • ‘Twenty soldiers piled in with us, and we were escorted by two armoured cars, one on each side.’
    • ‘This pistol was also issued to personnel in tanks and armoured cars - carrying a rifle would have been useless in such vehicles.’
    • ‘This was a sizeable force, but it had not a single tank, and only 26 armoured cars and 656 outdated guns.’
    • ‘Armoured cars remain in service with many armies today.’
    • ‘The convoy had an armoured car at the front and rear.’
    • ‘Behind the armored cars, a couple of platoons of infantry came dashing out, firing rapidly.’
    • ‘The division is accompanied by 60 light tanks and some armored cars.’
    • ‘Paramilitary forces attacked the village with helicopter gunships and armored cars.’
    1. 1.1A civilian car or truck reinforced with armor plate and bulletproof glass.
      ‘he shunned the armored cars favored by diplomats and CIA agents’
      • ‘The armoured car taking him from jail broke down on the North Circular Road.’
      • ‘The bank had indicated that the large cash withdrawals without a guard or armoured car constituted a security risk.’
      • ‘They were brought to court in an armoured car escorted by two dozen police vans mounted with machine guns.’
      • ‘The head of the republic found it wise to move around his capital in the safety of an armoured car.’
      • ‘His bodyguards transported him by armoured car to his official residence.’
      • ‘Charlie and Stella plan another robbery involving the creation of the largest traffic-jam in LA history and an armoured car full of jewellery.’
      • ‘When they go outside, it is by armoured car with military escort.’
      • ‘I heard they will be delivering the books by armored car!’
      • ‘The father tells them about a man who owns a million acres, and drives around in an armored car.’
      • ‘Two men were planning to rob an armored car that was about to make a morning delivery to a local Bank of America.’
      • ‘She wants to spice up a moribund marriage, and thinks that robbing a bank or an armored car might be the perfect antidote to boredom.’
      • ‘When the professional robbers among them raid a bank or an armored car delivering cash, they do so with bazookas and rocket launchers, and dress in paramilitary uniforms.’