Definition of Army and Navy in English:

Army and Navy

Pronunciation /ˌɑːmɪ ən(d) ˈneɪvi/


(also Army & Navy)
  • 1British rare Designating a society (the "Army and Navy Co-operative Society") and any of the stores operated by it, established for the purpose of providing a wide range of household goods at the lowest possible rates.

    The Society was formed in 1871 by a group of army and navy officers, with the intention of benefiting members of the armed forces. The business expanded considerably in the following decades. In 1934 the Society became a limited company and in 1976 was acquired by House of Fraser.

  • 2British, US Designating a store which specializes in surplus military equipment, or the goods sold there; = "Army-Navy".


(also Army & Navy)
  • A branch of the Army and Navy stores, especially the principal one in Victoria, London.


Late 19th century; earliest use found in The Times. From army + and + navy.