Definition of aromatherapeutic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌTHerəˈpyo͝otik/


See aromatherapy

‘This tension-melting body treatment harnesses the aromatherapeutic power of lavender essential oils.’
  • ‘The practitioners and salespersons of aromatherapeutic products seem singularly uninterested in scientific testing of their claims, many of which are empirical and could be easily tested.’
  • ‘To ensure aromatherapeutic benefits, make sure candles and misters are made with pure oils instead of synthetics, and of course, blow out the candle before dozing off.’
  • ‘It is easy to make natural perfume using essential oils, and they have the additional benefits of having aromatherapeutic qualities.’
  • ‘Inside, red-hot stones are sprinkled with botanicals and water, creating an aromatherapeutic steam.’