Definition of arpeggiate in English:


transitive verb

[with object]Music
  • Play (a chord) as a series of ascending or descending notes.

    ‘he perceptibly arpeggiates the Sonata's first chord’
    • ‘an arpeggiated fanfare’
    • ‘If possible, having the student gently roll or arpeggiate the large chord can provide an adequate solution to extreme skips in many cases.’
    • ‘Most of the melodic material is given to the primo player, and the secondo player is left with page after page of primary triads played in unison or arpeggiated or a bass line doubled between the hands.’
    • ‘Eventually the drums and bass drop out completely, and we're left with dual arpeggiating guitars gently supporting a relaxed sax melody.’
    • ‘In this way the G major Prelude from the Well-tempered clavier book 2 complements its Fugue, whose subject consists entirely of a series of arpeggiated chords.’
    • ‘Thom Yorke's eerie soprano is accompanied by incessant arpeggiated guitar and a ticking hi hat.’



/ärˈpejēˌāt/ /ɑrˈpɛdʒiˌeɪt/