Definition of arpeggiation in English:


Pronunciation /ärˌpejēˈāSHən/



See arpeggiate

‘All pieces are written in a melody and accompaniment style, with the right hand playing the melody and the left hand playing chordal figures or arpeggiations.’
  • ‘The performance of keyboard continuo, especially in recitative passages, requires the frequent arpeggiation of chords.’
  • ‘G major also produces characteristic broken-chord textures, more sustained and a complement to simpler arpeggiation.’
  • ‘With the Double Piston, Triple Neck Wheeling Violin, for example, each revolution could measure the distance that you were traveling and the amount of arpeggiation per meter, measuring music in distance rather than in time.’
  • ‘Ms. Brewer's accompanist, Craig Rutenberg, contributed superb playing to this recital, notably in the Strauss Wiegenlied, with its perpetual motion of harplike arpeggiation.’
  • ‘Pattern Generator is a lot of fun: Write crazy arpeggiation sequences or use it to automatically generate bass or lead lines to your chords.’