Definition of arrangeable in English:



See arrange

‘The DR16 has 16 hours of record time and records up to 396 files of messages that are arrangeable into 4 folders.’
  • ‘Bath tub for disabled persons has bath entry device with one or more fluid or gas-filled, compressible chambers arrangeable in it, which work in conjunction with person on entering bath.’
  • ‘The signal detecting part of the signal-processing unit is embodied in the form of a panel in such a way that it is arrangeable in the front part of the mouth cavity and the hard palate.’
  • ‘The re-orientatable tops of the playing structure modules in the array are first arrangeable such that the scene over the upwardly presented playing surfaces of adjacent playing structure modules is continuous and visually fluid.’
  • ‘Also, there will be open workshops in which you can participate and impromptu workshops are always arrangeable on request as are trips etc… Any course or conference fees are extra to the above prices and will vary according to the specific course or event, as arranged by the Centre itself or other organisers.’