Definition of arrestee in English:



mainly North American
  • A person who has been arrested.

    ‘The police officer should routinely ‘frisk search’ the arrestee.’
    • ‘After all, the Vienna Convention applies to all foreign arrestees, not just those facing possible execution.’
    • ‘Arrestees who tested positive for at least one drug were significantly more likely to have had a prior arrest as compared to arrestees who did not test positive for drugs.’
    • ‘It wasn't until April 2004, almost four years later, that the final arrestees stood trial and were acquitted on all charges.’
    • ‘Male arrestees charged with minor infractions such as vagrancy, loitering, or traffic violations were excluded from the project.’
    • ‘A total of 2,009 Cleveland, Detroit, and Houston arrestees were randomly assigned to one of the four experimental cells.’
    • ‘Further, the Drug Use Forecasting surveys consistently report that female arrestees have higher rates of cocaine use than male arrestees.’
    • ‘Notably, most of the arrestees had no criminal records, and many were related to or married to US citizens.’
    • ‘The consent form indicated that arrestees would not be prejudiced should they decline to take part in the study.’
    • ‘A disquieting and disturbing aspect of the case was that the accused had become an arrestee, detainee and confessor of a crime before he was a suspect.’
    • ‘Although arrestees who are not convicted can later have their DNA removed from databases, this would involve a bureaucratic process.’
    • ‘It appears that providing arrestees with more details about the research protocol will not adversely affect participation.’
    • ‘A random selection of arrestees are approached within 48 hours of their arrest and asked to participate in the study.’
    • ‘Prior felony convictions do not trigger DNA collection from any arrestees.’
    • ‘Only arrestees who had been detained for less than 48 hours were included in the study.’
    • ‘Based upon the information provided by these arrestees, the special squad proceeded to Hunan province and arrested the individual known as Ah Bing.’
    • ‘In the past, persons being held by law enforcement or the government had to be classified as suspects, arrestees, or prisoners of war.’
    • ‘This would suggest that dependence on both alcohol and illicit substances tends to be the norm for dependent arrestees.’
    • ‘Police officers have complained that the situation leaves them as ‘taxi drivers’, who spend more time moving around arrestees than policing the streets.’
    • ‘Table 2 gives the basic sociodemographic characteristics of the sample of arrestees.’



/əˌresˈtē/ /əˌrɛsˈti/