Definition of arrhythmical in English:



(also arhythmical)

See arrhythmic

‘This arhythmical bouncing of the backpack ruins the pleasure of running and technique, as well.’
  • ‘It's nature is to erratically move from flash point to flash point in an arhythmical manner.’
  • ‘This treatment may consist of a steady pressure upon a specific area, prolonged for a desired period, or it may consist of a rhythmical, or arhythmical variation in the pressure.’
  • ‘Breath holding and arhythmical breathing takes its toll on the act of performance and can lead to memory slips, stage fright, and generally unaesthetic performances.’
  • ‘The first scene opens with the people of Thebes lying down on the stage as if almost dead and singing a monotonous murmur marked by the arhythmical beat of a drum.’
  • ‘The Danza Tedesca featured skewed and arhythmical sections delivered with eloquent athleticism.’
  • ‘They also have low-amplitude cries that are high pitched, arrhythmical or prolonged.’
  • ‘Lucy Guerin danced in images projected onto the floor and wall, focus was placed on images of wrists and arms twisting and bending in uncomfortable and arhythmical movements.’
  • ‘The hypochondriacal among them may work themselves into a tizzy wondering if their ticker was beating too slow, too fast, or in an arrhythmical way.’
  • ‘The arhythmical beat among these economies in the past reveals that there is little point in trying to align macroeconomic policies, and the absence of an economic argument for a monetary union.’
  • ‘Imagine the muffled sound of a banjo being clunked, insistently and arhythmical, through the paper-thin walls of a tract home, of a song being played so slowly that any melody was indecipherable.’
  • ‘When death is very near, slow music with a constant tempo, or softly arhythmical tonal background sounds are most appropriate.’
  • ‘And what, in Miller's hoop dance, as she danced angular power and discipline to Bach's punctilious, predictable rhythm, was that arhythmical clicketyclacking?’
  • ‘Alma Mahler heard in it ‘the arhythmical play of little children’.’