Definition of arrhythmically in English:


Pronunciation /-mik(ə)lē/


(also arhythmically)

See arrhythmic

‘They're usually attended only by the other residents of Ramsey Street and perhaps a few others swaying arrhythmically in the background.’
  • ‘The dancefloor duly cleared, and I was dragged into the centre of the clapping masses to arhythmically twitch and prance for what seemed like ten minutes.’
  • ‘It seemed like the entire student body had turned out, from the couples that seemed like they were attached at the hip, to the awkward wallflowers bobbing arrhythmically at the edges of the large mass.’
  • ‘His head rocked arrhythmically from side to side, eyes glazed with the idiot stare of deep immersion.’
  • ‘Songs did not so much conclude as wind down, one instrument after another going silent until a final few guitar chords reverberated arhythmically.’