Definition of arrive on the scene in English:

arrive on the scene


(also appear on the scene)
  • Arrive; appear.

    ‘he jumped back on the moped and rode off before the police could arrive on the scene’
    • ‘the family had gone by the time I came on the scene’
    • ‘Prior to coming on the scene, Paul, Cam, Andrew and Riche performed and recorded together in relative obscurity - perfecting their craft.’
    • ‘With the necessity for both parents to work nowadays, many children return home to an empty house having to fend for themselves until an adult comes on the scene.’
    • ‘Is Barbie responsible for so many girls' obsession with the perfect white wedding, long before the man in question comes on the scene?’
    • ‘A number of local residents had by then come on the scene.’
    • ‘There is usually quite a bit of social realigning once children come on the scene.’
    • ‘Some of Spencer's stuff reminds me eerily of Marc Bolan and early T-Rex, - who didn't come on the scene until a bit later.’
    • ‘Getting a divorce is fraught with complex issues, particularly when second families come on the scene, she writes.’
    • ‘‘We do ask investment bankers on occasion to review our status and we did it long before Mr. Smith came on the scene,’ he conceded.’
    • ‘Maytag came to the homemakers' rescue in the early 1900s when the first gas-powered washing machine came on the scene.’
    • ‘When the president came on the scene in 2000, he made it clear that big business should mind its own business.’