Definition of arroz in English:



Spanish word for rice, used in the names of various dishes
‘The menu is explained by an enthusiastic young waiter whose limited English describes every dish as ‘very good’, and the bogavante con arroz (lobster with rice) is exactly that.’
  • ‘He would feed them stuff like tacos de arroz [rice tacos].’
  • ‘Heaps of free-range beef and savory feijão com arroz, or beans and rice, are on the menu every day.’
  • ‘Combinations of rice and bean are common in the region; Frijoles con arroz, Gallo pinto, and Casado are just a few examples.’
  • ‘When white rice and black beans are cooked together, they are called arroz congri, which literally means ‘rice with gray.’’



/əˈrōs/ /əˈroʊs/