Definition of arsenate in English:



  • A salt or ester of arsenic acid.

    ‘Problems arise when chemical reactions change the arsenates into arsenites, which don't bind tightly to other minerals and can therefore enter the underground water supply.’
    • ‘Volume 4 of the Handbook of Mineralogy is, like its predecessors, an invaluable reference work, this time on essentially all the arsenates, phosphates, vanadates, and uranates known through 1999.’
    • ‘Their oxidation products include an array of arsenates, selenates, and selenites.’
    • ‘Sodiumfluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, sodium arsenate, sodium borate, and sodium chlorate are all used as weed or pest-killers.’
    • ‘In the past, farmers have used toxic chemicals such as calcium arsenate, Paris green, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, and toxaphene to rid their cotton crops of insects.’



/ˈärs(ə)nət/ /ˈɑrs(ə)nət/ /ˈärs(ə)ˌnāt/ /ˈɑrs(ə)ˌneɪt/