Definition of arsenide in English:



  • A binary compound of arsenic with a metallic element.

    ‘Ore minerals are found in several of the main chemical classes into which minerals can be classified, including native elements, sulphides, oxides, silicates, arsenides, phosphates, and carbonates.’
    • ‘Gallium arsenide is also used in lasers, such as those present in a compact disc player, in transistors, and in photovoltaic cells.’
    • ‘These have an indium arsenide core surrounded by gallium arsenide and an indium-gallium arsenide alloy.’
    • ‘Domeykite, the copper arsenide, was named in his honor.’
    • ‘Engineers then deposit monolayers of indium arsenide, with a much larger lattice, which leads to surface tension.’



/ˈärs(ə)ˌnīd/ /ˈɑrs(ə)ˌnaɪd/