Definition of art film in English:

art film


  • A film that is artistic or experimental in its primary intent.

    ‘The couple, who began working together in more commercial mediums, now focus on the digital interplay of visual and sound mediums and are finishing up their experimental feature-length art film.’
    • ‘The gap between the art film and the X film is impossible to breach.’
    • ‘This much should be obvious: Tarantino's fourth movie is not an art film, a date film or a cinch to win the Oscar for best picture.’
    • ‘That's not the usual audience for an art film, or a film about social issues.’
    • ‘It's a European art film stuck in the middle of an experimental film festival.’
    • ‘I know, I really should pipe up with how I really wish I were watching some sensitive art film instead, but sometimes this type of film fits my mood.’
    • ‘Beatty was determined to make an art film with stars, an art film that would sell tickets.’
    • ‘Elephant is the art film, directed by Gus Van Sant (My Own Private Idaho, Good Will Hunting).’
    • ‘We're not talking about a drama with some quality comic moments here, we're talking about a film that is one moment a high minded art film and the next a Keystone Kops styled bumbling slapstick, right down to the ramped up camera speeds.’
    • ‘If The Fourth Man leaves us steeped in irony, as a properly postmodern parody of an art film should do (and I mean that with all the irony that I can muster), then it also leaves us with a problem.’
    • ‘The United States of Leland was not intended to be a brooding, alienating, gritty art film.’
    • ‘This is an entertainment movie, not an art film.’
    • ‘If you're in the mood for a good art film, stop at the Harvard Exit Theatre.’
    • ‘And sure enough, what began as a gothic techno-thriller became, by the end, a semi-oedipal French art film (with an unusually large budget).’
    • ‘Considering the fact that he plunders imagery from such Eighties-era blockbusters as E.T. and Poltergeist, it is surprising to hear Kelly call the project an art film.’
    • ‘With the opening credits (classical music playing, interweaving scenes from different decades) we know we're in for a mainstream art film.’
    • ‘The black-and-white footage, shot with a single silent 16 mm camera and dubbed with weird, repetitive applause tracks, is as surrealistic as a French art film.’
    • ‘There may be no explaining or understanding this picture, which seems just as strange now as the day it was released, and is basically a near-abstract art film disguised as a major Hollywood release.’
    • ‘When Shyam asked me to justify my refusal, I told him that an earlier Malayalam art film produced by NFDC never got released, and I was afraid his film would go the same way.’
    • ‘The contributors to the legendary Cahiers du Cinéma, in which cinephilia arguably reached its apotheosis, loved a Hollywood Western just as much as an obscure art film.’