Definition of art paper in English:

art paper

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  • High-quality paper coated with china clay or a similar substance to give it a smooth surface.

    ‘Pricing starts at $99 for a 30’ x 40’ pigment print on archival art paper.’
    • ‘Beijing initiated an antidumping investigation last month into imports of art paper from Japan, Finland, South Korea and the United States.’
    • ‘Printed on high gloss 80 gram art paper, The Dubliner promises an upmarket monthly overview of ‘life in the city for residents and visitors alike’.’
    • ‘Students are encouraged to enhance their drawings with brightly colored markers, understanding that they will be enlarging the small sketch onto a large, 18’ x 24’ sheet of art paper.’
    • ‘There are also some well-chosen illustrations, very decently reproduced on art paper.’