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art school

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  • A college which provides training in art.

    ‘she studied at various art schools in New York’
    • ‘From 1920 to 1944 he lived at Cape Cod, then moved to New York, where he taught at various art schools.’
    • ‘An aging bus repair shop may seem an unlikely place for a progressive art school.’
    • ‘From 1906 to 1914 he lived in Paris, where he became a friend of Matisse and helped to run his art school.’
    • ‘A prolific and successful painter, he established an art school in Cleves, where he lived in his later years.’
    • ‘I went to art school because the questions I had weren't going to be answered by music theory.’
    • ‘Despite a bit of training at the Hartford Art School, Aparo considered himself a self-taught illustrator.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll go to art school in the fall.’
    • ‘More art schools with varied teaching philosophies makes for a better art world.’
    • ‘As this is an art school, there are always some sex scandals floating around campus.’
    • ‘My father had been a miner and he was outraged when I told him that what I really wanted to do was go to art school.’
    • ‘Art teachers were sent in, to try and break his spirit by telling him he couldn't draw, and he was never going to art school.’
    • ‘To call the art school a "finishing school for rich kids" is a stupid and insulting thing to say.’
    • ‘Rousseau maintained an art school, where he taught painting, diction, and music.’
    • ‘Does art school actually teach you anything?’
    • ‘It's an exceptionally good little art school, and I was really pleased to discover that they were offering online courses.’
    • ‘Everyone else at art school was going there against their parents' wishes.’
    • ‘Hill dropped out of art school in Dundee to become a lighthouse keeper.’
    • ‘At art school, Rose had also met the man she would marry.’
    • ‘Not every artist in this world went to art school.’
    • ‘There were no patrons, no public art museums or private collections of consequence, and no art schools.’