Definition of Arte Povera in English:

Arte Povera


  • A style and movement in art originating in Italy in the 1960s combining aspects of conceptual, minimalist, and performance art, and making use of worthless or common materials such as stones or newspapers, in the hope of subverting the commercialization of art.

    ‘Penone explains that he himself had no intention of ‘becoming’ an Arte Povera artist - although he knew artists of that ilk - and that Celant's ideas did not influence him at all.’
    • ‘As opposed to endorsing a distinctive style, Arte Povera described a process of open-ended experimentation.’
    • ‘If anything, Arte Povera distinguishes itself as the most poignant of all minimal and conceptual art movements and Anselmo is no exception.’
    • ‘Whatever the medium or the method, Arte Povera remains quintessentially Italian.’
    • ‘What sort of works did the Arte Povera movement produce?’


Arte Povera

/ˌärtā ˈpōvərə/ /ˌɑrteɪ ˈpoʊvərə/


1960s Italian, literally ‘impoverished art’, from arte ‘art’ + povera (feminine of povero ‘needy’).