Definition of artemisinin in English:



  • another term for qinghaosu

    ‘The team started with the Chinese herbal medicine, artemisinin, which has anti-malarial properties.’
    • ‘One way of tackling this problem is to simplify the treatment by using rectal quinine or rectal artemisinin or artesunate, which could be given promptly even at basic health facilities.’
    • ‘The two most important groups of drugs for malaria treatment are still based on quinine or artemisinin.’
    • ‘The Chinese have been using artemisinin for more than 2000 years to treat a variety of ailments.’
    • ‘In the following decade, Chinese scientists based at the institute devised an inexpensive synthetic version of their antimalarial drug artemisinin.’



/ˌärdəˈmēzinin/ /ˌɑrdəˈmizɪnɪn/


1970s blend of artemisia and quinine.