Definition of arteriolar in English:


Pronunciation /ärˌti(ə)rēˈōlər/



See arteriole

‘It is divided into a number of lobules, each containing clusters of two distinct cell types together with arteriolar blood vessels and capillaries, nerve fibres, and a few autonomic ganglion cells.’
  • ‘External injury to the alveolar wall may be the counterpart of arteriolar smooth muscle injury.’
  • ‘This increase in water retention, together with contraction of arteriolar smooth muscle and increase in the rate and force of cardiac contraction, results in a rise in blood pressure.’
  • ‘This drug relaxes arteriolar smooth muscle and has been used in the treatment of severe hypertension.’
  • ‘In humans, there is no direct evidence that potassium protects against renal arteriolar or tubular lesions that occur in either hypertension or kidney disease.’