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‘Gross and microscopic examination revealed bronchopneumonia and arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.’
  • ‘In peacetime, however, by far the commonest indication is gangrene due to severe arterial disease, usually arteriosclerotic or diabetic in origin, and not infrequently from a combination of these two conditions.’
  • ‘Drop attacks where the elderly fall and can't get up without help are associated with arteriosclerotic blood vessel disease at the back of the brain.’
  • ‘Gene therapy for reducing arteriosclerotic risk has been hindered primarily by complications introduced by the vectors used to introduce the therapeutic genes.’
  • ‘In other studies, religious commitment has resulted in reduced alcohol and drug abuse, lower blood pressure, and reduced risk of dying from arteriosclerotic heart disease.’



/ärˌtirēōskləˈrädik/ /ɑrˌtɪrioʊskləˈrɑdɪk/