Definition of arthroscope in English:



  • An instrument through which the interior of a joint may be inspected or operated on.

    ‘When the surgery is complete, your surgeon removes the arthroscope and any other instruments and flushes the joint with a saline solution.’
    • ‘After prepping and draping the patient's extremity, the surgeon makes a stab incision and inserts the arthroscope into the knee joint through a standard inferolateral portal.’
    • ‘The arthroscope also enables a joint to be washed out easily, and this in itself may be valuable.’
    • ‘This step was completed by switching the arthroscope to the anterior cannula while maintaining the thermal probe in the accessory posterior portal.’
    • ‘The 20-power magnification of the arthroscope has led to the identification of lesions once missed by conventional ‘open ‘techniques.’’



/ˈärTHrəˌskōp/ /ˈɑrθrəˌskoʊp/