Definition of articulable in English:



See articulate

‘The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office policy states that for an officer to use the Taser, an individual must pose ‘an articulable threat to the officer and/or another person.’’
  • ‘Mann, Broch, Musil, Schnitzler, Doblin, Stefan Zweig, and Joseph Roth all oriented themselves around fairly articulable ideologies, some more complex than others.’
  • ‘They may not stop your car without some articulable individualized suspicion, or search your apartment without probable cause (a higher standard) and a warrant.’
  • ‘And I'm not at all certain, looking at what I've read over the past week or so, that we have some kind of articulable standards that agents in the field are going to be able to follow.’
  • ‘What commentators often fail to do, however, is to translate our instincts into a reasoned articulable account of why such a privacy problem is harmful.’
  • ‘I assume that there are articulable reasons why Professor Stone holds this view, but the Times doesn't tell us what they are.’