Definition of Articulata in English:



  • With plural agreement. A major group of animals comprising invertebrates with bilateral symmetry and an external skeleton, having the body and limbs composed of segments jointed together, comprising principally annelids (segmented worms) and arthropods; (also articulata) animals of this group collectively.

    The Articulata (or Animalia articulata) formed one of the four divisions or embranchements of the animal kingdom in Cuvier's system. As later zoologists emphasized the distinctness of annelids and arthropods, the term became largely disused by the early 20th century, but was revived in some later systems for a hypothetical superphylum encompassing these two groups.



/ɑːˌtɪkjʊˈlɑːtə/ /ɑːˌtɪkjʊˈleɪtə/


Early 19th century; earliest use found in Annals of Philosophy. From scientific Latin Articulata, neuter plural of classical Latin articulātus.