Definition of artillerist in English:


Pronunciation /-rist/


See artillery

‘Meanwhile, although artillerists were usually civilian contractors (the art proved too complex for the dilettantes commissioned because of their nobility), that field gradually became a military function.’
  • ‘Artillery units were first organized as military establishments in 1671 by Louis XIV of France, who also initiated schools of instruction for his artillerists.’
  • ‘Washington wanted a military academy because he wanted engineers and artillerists to help the next commander in chief fight for this fledgling nation as he had done for eight long years.’
  • ‘Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, Gen. John Gibbon, engineer Gouverneur Warren, and artillerist Henry J. Hunt emerged from the battle as legitimate heroes.’
  • ‘Gillmore, who had become the Union's most renowned artillerist after he had forced the capitulation of Fort Pulaski at Savannah in April 1862, brought in heavy weaponry.’