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Pronunciation /az/ /æz/ /əz/

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usually as — as
  • 1Used in comparisons to refer to the extent or degree of something.

    ‘go as fast as you can’
    • ‘it tasted like grape juice but not as sweet’
    • ‘hailstones as big as tennis balls’
    • ‘He's not as big as you think he is.’
    • ‘A microprocessor, as small as a postage stamp, performs thousands of calculations per second based on readings from the sensor.’
    • ‘They know the company as well as I do.’
    • ‘I'm not nearly as good as she is, but I'm still learning.’
    • ‘The other guy was all muscle, and he was strong, but not as fast.’
    • ‘It's best to plant bulbs as soon as possible after bringing them home.’
    • ‘Most mums-to-be want to look just as nice as they did before they became pregnant.’
    • ‘Paris has been almost as hot as Mecca this week.’
    1. 1.1Used to emphasize an amount.
      ‘ as many as twenty-two rare species may be at risk’
      • ‘Police arrested as many as 150 people for participating in a rare public protest to call for reforms.’
      • ‘The plan is less than the estimates of some analysts, who had said the company may have to pay as much as $4 billion.’
      • ‘Now the chimp is an endangered species, with as few as 150,000 chimps left in the wild.’
      • ‘A major resort might spend as much as $1 million annually on its power bill for snowmaking.’
      • ‘Your fish will survive in as little as 18 inches of water as long as it does not freeze solid.’


  • 1Used to indicate that something happens during the time when something is taking place.

    ‘Frank watched him as he ambled through the crowd’
    • ‘as she grew older, she kept more to herself’
    • ‘She watched him as he approached her.’
    • ‘I grabbed the keys to the store as I left.’
    • ‘The ice continued to melt, but as it did so, I continued to slip deeper into the unknown.’
    • ‘I was raised as a Catholic in Poland but as I grew older I started to question things.’
    • ‘Last night, as we drove back from the grocery store, the sky was a deep blue with pink-tinted edges.’
    • ‘They were showered in debris as the house collapsed and Amanda was separated from her party.’
    while, just as, even as, at the time that, at the same time that, at the moment that, during the time that, just when
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  • 2Used to indicate by comparison the way that something happens or is done.

    ‘they can do as they wish’
    • ‘she kissed him goodbye, as usual’
    • ‘dress as you would if you were having guests’
    • ‘as in the past, a collection is to be taken’
    • ‘Thank you Mrs Peck, as usual you have been very helpful.’
    • ‘Since the mother is ill, she may not be able to care for her baby as she would if she were well.’
    • ‘The bout was, as was the case back then, a slow-paced fight compared to the fights of today.’
    • ‘You may add more sugar to the recipe as you wish, but don't over-sweeten it.’
    • ‘The direction deserves commendation, as do all the actors.’
    • ‘She was the same as always, but her hair looked brighter and her eyes sparkled more.’
    in the way that, in the same way that, the way, the same way, in the manner that, in the same manner that
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    1. 2.1Used to add or interject a comment relating to the statement of a fact.
      ‘as you can see, I didn't go after all’
      • ‘he has, as you know, called for a referendum’
      • ‘I'm used to all kinds of hard work, as you know, and I'm not afraid.’
      • ‘However, as I mentioned earlier, most people are totally unaware of the East Village Arts District.’
      • ‘Lee was a night-time security guard as I recall, not a cop.’
      • ‘I've got a business to run, as you can see.’
      • ‘The lady is not, as he said in his letter, ten years younger than he, but a little older.’
      • ‘They commented on our house, as we all knew they would.’
      which, a fact which, something which
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  • 3Because; since.

    ‘I must stop now as I have to go out’
    • ‘There are concerns for her as she was ill before she vanished.’
    • ‘Athlone requested the game be played before Christmas instead of January 8 as students will be on holiday.’
    • ‘Children's charities would like more help distributed through child benefit, as it is paid to all children through their mother.’
    • ‘I look forward to more of their efforts, as they seem to be a young company with an interesting slate of artistic foreign films.’
    • ‘I miss him terribly as he was also a very good friend before any sort of romantic relationship developed.’
    • ‘This is a hard letter to write, as I have to admit I was wrong, and I hate that.’
    because, since, seeing that, seeing as, considering that, on account of the fact that, in view of the fact that, owing to the fact that
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  • 4Even though.

    ‘sweet as he is, he doesn't pay his bills’
    • ‘try as he might, he failed to pull it off’
    • ‘Try as she might, she can't keep her troubled family from fragmenting.’
    • ‘But, good as he is, he was not the only reason to enjoy the film.’
    • ‘Unless you are of a particularly curious bent, you would not even wish to sit down and eat with these people - dazzlingly clever as they undoubtedly are.’
    • ‘Caroline, tired as she was, obediently followed.’
    • ‘Medicine Lodge, Kansas, small as it was, contained seven saloons for the comfort of local drinkers.’
    • ‘I still can't push that memory out of my mind, hard as I might try.’
    although, though, even if, even though, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, notwithstanding the fact that, notwithstanding that, for all that, while, whilst, albeit, however
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  • 1Used to refer to the function or character that someone or something has.

    ‘it came as a shock’
    • ‘he got a job as a cook’
    • ‘they were treated as foreigners’
    • ‘as a dairy producer, you should evaluate and analyze your farm from many viewpoints’
    • ‘He cares for her deeply as a friend and perhaps as a future wife.’
    • ‘He worked as a business teacher in the local high school.’
    • ‘The 7100, which also works as a phone, should appeal to customers who want a single device for calls and e-mail.’
    • ‘If you treat an important section of the community as outcasts, they will hardly shine as patriots.’
    • ‘His death came as a shock, followed by anger when you learnt of the circumstances.’
    • ‘In addition to text, users can send virtually any kind of electronic file as an attachment.’
    in the guise of, with the appearance of, in the character of, so as to appear to be
    in the role of, being, acting as, functioning as
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  • 2During the time of being (the thing specified)

    ‘he had often been sick as a child’
    • ‘as a student, my nickname was Space’
    • ‘Born in the Ukraine, he was brought to England as a baby and spent his childhood in Liverpool.’
    • ‘Subsequently I visited this country as an adult, but for a short period of time.’
    • ‘My parents were able to build their business upon the strong values they were taught as children.’
    • ‘This is definitely the weirdest dinner I've ever had as a student.’
    • ‘At high school and later as an employee of a steel company he dabbled as a self-taught artist in oil painting.’


A small, seemingly innocent word, as is so frequently misused (or not used where needed) that interested writers are advised to consult a full-length usage guide for counsel on its proper use. As is often used in causal senses in place of because or since (As Julie wasn't hungry, she ordered only a cup of coffee); in such constructions, where as may cause confusion, it is generally advisable to use the unambiguous because, or since. On whether it is more correct to say he's not as shy as I rather than he's not as shy as me, or I live in the same street as she rather than I live in the same street as her, see
personal pronoun
. On whether it is more correct to say he's not as shy as I rather than he's not as shy as me, or I live in the same street as she rather than I live in the same street as her, see
personal pronoun
. For a discussion of when to use as rather than like, see


    as if
    • 1

      (also as though)
      As would be the case if.

      ‘she behaved as if he weren't there’
      • ‘It was all he could do to act as though he had never read either of her letters.’
      • ‘The men around her laughed and acted as though it was the cleverest thing they had seen.’
      • ‘Football is now a business, but players are expected to act as if it was still a sport.’
      • ‘She had known Sara only a day or two and yet she acted as if Blaze were her best friend.’
      • ‘They have told me to act as if their house is mine and they are all looking after me well.’
      • ‘The table was set out nicely and all seemed as though it would be a lovely lunch.’
      • ‘My father talked a lot about his own father before he died, as though he'd never got over it.’
      • ‘So she got out of her car and went about her errands as though nothing untoward was happening.’
      • ‘Most of the details are a blur now but he motioned with the gun, as though he wanted us all outside.’
      • ‘It's almost as though some people only feel they have an identity when they are at work.’
    • 2informal I very much doubt it.

      • ‘You know how lottery winners always say it won't change their lives? Yeah, as if!’
      • ‘Even some prejudicial rejection can also be okay, if the person socially shutting you down is in a committed relationship (as if!) or has an incompatible sexual orientation.’
      • ‘Clueless, however, with its mall culture (buy something; buying makes happy), and its witty dialogue (‘as if!’), doesn't support the heritage industry.’
      • ‘And wait I did, my Standard open at The horoscopes (Predictions for New Year! Your Stars, That Break, and You! - as if).’
      • ‘You can tell she's wanting everyone to tell her how brilliant she was. As if.’
      • ‘You know how pools winners always say it won't change their lives? Yeah, right, as if.’
    as it is
    • In the existing circumstances.

      ‘I've got enough on my plate as it is’
      • ‘Rail staff have a hard enough job as it is, working under difficult circumstances.’
      • ‘Though I'm feeling quite queer as it is, so I don't invite you to dwell on it too long.’
      • ‘Because I'm angry at it now, proper shaking angry and this Blog entry is long enough as it is.’
      • ‘It can help to shine a critical light on things that are wrong with the world as it is - which is plenty.’
      • ‘We live in a highly residential area and there is little enough parkland as it is.’
      • ‘Mr Samuels tells it as it is and pulls no punches, he is one citizen who will stand up and be counted.’
      • ‘Buying a house is out of the question for many of us who struggle as it is to just rent somewhere.’
      • ‘I reckon it looks pretty choice as is, but its always fun to mix things up a bit.’
      • ‘They bought the house as is with the understanding that Mrs Callahan could have a day in the house alone, to select mementos.’
      • ‘You're cool enough as is!’
    as and when
    • At the time when (used to refer to an uncertain future event)

      ‘they deal with an issue as and when it rears its head’
      • ‘There is room for further expansion and development of the brewhouse to meet future demand as and when it arises.’
      • ‘Indeed, the study says that most journalists sent to cover crises are general reporters dispatched as and when events occur.’
      • ‘I didn't do any research at the time, because I'm lazy and thought I'd resolve the issue as and when the need arose.’
      • ‘Publishers can shave costs by dumping their full-time employees and using freelances as and when.’
      • ‘The first priority for the group will be to improve this communications system as and when that proves possible.’
      • ‘So expect posts as and when, but I doubt there will be more than one or two a day for a while.’
      • ‘Apply one technique, refine it as and when, then ultimately stick with it or ditch it.’
      • ‘We have issued strict instructions to the area engineers to fill potholes as and when they are appear.’
      • ‘Receptionists at taxi firms will be issued with forms so they can log them as and when they are reported by drivers.’
      • ‘Sometimes this preparatory stage is intensive. Sometimes it happens over a long period, as and when I feel like it.’
    as for
    • With regard to.

      ‘as for you, you'd better be quick’
      • ‘And as for my father, I will definitely take him up on his offer if he still wants to send me to learn to sew now!’
      • ‘And as for the spread of STDs, would legalising prostitution really prevent it?’
      • ‘And as for its military tradition, I assume we're going back in time a bit, maybe to the Vikings.’
      • ‘And as for the Ramblers' Association, if they spent some of the money on footpath signs it would be a help.’
      • ‘And as for your present, chocolate may be involved, but there's other stuff too!’
      • ‘I thought she held up pretty well, but as for me, my skills are badly deteriorating.’
      • ‘I burn up at the thought of it and as for having a chat with my mom about it, I would rather be run over by a bus first.’
      • ‘And as for the Bonnie Prince, he died an alcoholic in Rome, his dreams turned to dust.’
      • ‘Also, as for rotation, there can be more than one roto-reflection axis.’
      • ‘And as for the number of people you've never seen before, half a hand will do nicely.’
    as of
    • Used to indicate the time or date from which something starts.

      ‘I'm out of a job as of now’
      • ‘as from 1 January, a free market will be created’
    as yet
    • usually with negative Until now or a particular time in the past.

      ‘the damage is as yet undetermined’
      • ‘They may be on the verge of an appointment but there's no sign of an announcement as yet.’
      • ‘Some of the leaves at the base of the plant are almost black but newer foliage shows no sign of this colouring as yet.’
      • ‘There is little sign as yet of the opposition movement forcing the US to alter its policies.’
      • ‘Officers are currently investigating the complaint and as yet no charges have been filed.’
      • ‘With a number of fixtures still to be played, whether this match will be replayed is as yet undecided.’
      • ‘He has as yet had no response from the government or other political parties.’
      • ‘Britain, for some as yet unexplained reason, chose not to avail itself of this option.’
      • ‘Although there is still a long way to go, and it's a bit early to be thinking of that as yet.’
      • ‘Several proposals have been considered, but as yet no feasible plans are in place.’
      • ‘Teachers must be allowed the joy of introducing children to areas of study as yet unknown to them.’
    as to
    • With respect to; concerning.

      ‘decisions as to which patients receive treatment’
      • ‘Postwatch will also listen to local concerns as to why the offices should not close.’
      • ‘I have only one spare bed, so had to make a tricky decision as to who had to sleep on the floor.’
      • ‘We had different views as to how a political interviewer should go about his job.’
      • ‘So now I'm back home and a bit confused as to whether my visit was effective or not.’
      • ‘Police are mystified as to how the thief managed to open the vehicle without using force.’
      • ‘Now drivers have been left confused as to whether they can still park in the bay.’
      • ‘I've been arguing with my husband as to what would be the best plant for this position.’
      • ‘I am aware that there is no easy solution as to whether abortion is right or wrong.’
      • ‘If in doubt ask for written confirmation as to what you can expect for your money.’
      • ‘They have been advising us as to how we should behave to avoid the situation getting worse.’
    as it were
    • In a way (used to be less precise)

      ‘areas that have been, as it were, pushed aside’
      • ‘Some of the young stags early in a hunt may turn and stand at bay for short periods as a sort of posturing, as it were, to the hounds.’
      • ‘It is clearly more powerful if you can identify a trend, because one rises above the individual dispute, as it were.’
      • ‘Not really hungry, the trio dined early and lightly, eating, as it were, out of habit rather than desire.’
      • ‘Also in Eire, there's a scheme for paying a living wage to artists once they have proved themselves, as it were.’
      • ‘Like racoons, they have found niches in urban areas, living in our trash, as it were.’
      • ‘I was feeling truly at odds with the world, in it, but not of it, as it were.’
      • ‘Instead of me trying to get inside Harry's head, as it were, he started getting inside mine.’
      • ‘He was told what the terms were and he, as it were, gave his blessing.’
      • ‘All it seems to do, though, is set out a number of procedural steps, as it were.’
      • ‘This book, not scholarly by any manner of means, takes us on a cultural excursion, as it were.’


Middle English reduced form of Old English alswā ‘similarly’ (see also).

Main definitions of as in English

: as1as2As3AS4


Pronunciation /as/ /æs/

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  • An ancient Roman copper coin.

    ‘The asses and denarii minted by C. Marcius Censorinus show him in profile as a bearded and diademed man.’
    • ‘Meanwhile bronze asses dropped in weight from about 280g to about 60g.’


Latin, ‘a unit’.

Main definitions of As in English

: as1as2As3AS4


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  • The chemical element arsenic.

Main definitions of AS in English

: as1as2As3AS4



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  • 1American Samoa.

  • 2Anglo-Saxon.

  • 3Asperger's syndrome.

  • 4Associate in Science.

  • 5Assam.