Definition of as — as anything in English:

as — as anything


(also — as anything)
  • Extremely —

    • ‘she said it out loud, as clear as anything’
    • ‘He flew around in circles for a while, as fast as anything, and then finally came down for a smooth landing.’
    • ‘She was tough as anything.’
    • ‘I could see her as clear as anything, and she seemed to be smiling.’
    • ‘But these lads are as hungry as anything and well capable of taking anyone's place.’
    • ‘Her stance was as cute as anything, regularly pointing the toe of her shoe to the floor in a ballerina-like pose’
    • ‘The beef is tenderloin, seared quickly, tender as anything and tossed in a good, sweet/sour teriyaki glaze.’
    • ‘Hanson looked up from his paper, and they exchanged a mild look, which said as plainly as anything: "This isn't what we expected."’
    • ‘Some days she was as nice as anything, and other days I couldn't say a word without a snide comment.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, the basement seemed very quiet, and Rocky heard the girl's words as clear as anything.’
    • ‘He came running over as fast as anything.’